23 November 2012

Black(out) Friday - update 08:35 - 23.11.2012

So, let's see:

F64 (http://www.f64.ro/blackfriday) - this one is up and counting down...

....and a lot of discounted products are already out !...
...how may there were?...how many people stayed all night "haunting" the site to be up ?...

Altex (http://www.altex.ro/) and Media Galaxy (http://www.mediagalaxy.ro/):

....We'll be back soon. We are in the warehouse to fetch some more products...
 (really? :-( )

eMag  (http://www.emag.ro/?bf_page=IT) -08:50 - 23.11.2012:
...yeah, is UP ! the only still 100% on stock ...are the wallpapers!

Domo (http://www.domo.ro/Televizoare_&_Home_cinema/Televizoare/LED_TV) - still UP and running...

Flanco (http://www.flanco.ro/) - the same as first in the morning... I don't even bother to place a screen shot !

Black(out) Friday

Is 00:47 23rd November 2012 ! The Black(out) Friday (BF)! - with permanent updates...:-( !
F64 (www.F64.ro) shows:

Up and down and up and down and......
The fuse burned out!
LOOKING FOR THIN WIRE (to mend it)...
And when is up, the count down for end of BF is working fine.. 

Altex (www.altex.ro) and no active link:

Media Galaxy (www.mediagalaxy.ro) and no active link:

eMag (www.emag.ro):

black friday
we prepared loooooots of surprises (bad ones !) 
see you in the morning !
hahaha !

DOMO (www.domo.ro) - up and running:

Flanco (www.flanco.ro) only with a downloadable list in pdf format:

After more than 1 hour after BF (ha! really black) started, a total FIASCO !

...and I was looking for a cheaper LED TV not too big (< 80 cm diagonal) and some really good  price for a set of radio commanders for my 2 Nikon flashes !

bul..*&$%!!!!*..it   !

I really need to go to sleep !

20 September 2012

Print & Sign 2012

Some picture shot yesterday and today at Print & Sign 2012 (click on the picture).

23 July 2012

Bucharest International Air Show 20-21 July 2012

For the first time, I've seen  Bucharest International Air Show and took some pictures.
It was an EXTRAORDINARY event ! The full schedule can be found here.

So as it was my first, not all the pictures are "tack sharp"...so, be gentle with the comments :-).

A gallery can be found on facebook .

09 June 2012

"The Gherkin" (Swiss Re Tower) and St Helen’s church

History and modern architecture can be seen every where in London.

Here are "The Gherkin" (Swiss Re Tower) and St Helen’s church.

And some details of this '30 St. Mary Axe' building.

Wall art in London

Walking on the streets of London, I saw a nice way to remove the boredom of the brick walls:

Tough experience in Trafalgar Square

While I was taking photos with some colleagues in Trafalgar Square, I was attacked by a guy (with not too much brains with him). Probably, he thought I was taking photos specially with him.
So, as I was saying he came near by me and hit my camera ! Luckily, I had the my lens "wearing" the lens shade. It was the only damage ! The lens shade broke and was thrown far away and the guy, satisfied by his action went away.
By the way, except my colleagues, nobody around reacted.

Leaving this experience away, let's see something more interesting, the Nelson's Column.

London, The Houses of Parliament

Another place I like to see - from any angle :-), is The Houses of Parliament.
This, is a new  view of it.


08 June 2012

Millenium Bridge

...and yes, the Millennium Bridge, what a sight !...

Umbrellas !

London shapes...

Modern architecture in London, creates an interesting shape collection:

My London obsession...

Each time I go to London, I feel the urge to see again some places...
One of these, is London City Hall - a very interesting building by day ...

 or by night !

...alone , or together with older buldings..

13 April 2012

Easter time !

Take the light and share it !

12 April 2012

...aaaand, again, the absinth...

Of course, went again to enjoy a professionally prepared absinth at the 
"Original Absinth Shop" - ABSINTHERIE in Jilska str./ Prague

Enjoy it slowly, with some cold water, or with some ice in special "fountain".

...o, yeah, the twilight...!

Meridianus quo olim tempus Pragense dirigebatur

(Meridian by which it was previously managed the time of Prague)

....Prague, again !

25 January 2012