23 November 2012

Black(out) Friday - update 08:35 - 23.11.2012

So, let's see:

F64 (http://www.f64.ro/blackfriday) - this one is up and counting down...

....and a lot of discounted products are already out !...
...how may there were?...how many people stayed all night "haunting" the site to be up ?...

Altex (http://www.altex.ro/) and Media Galaxy (http://www.mediagalaxy.ro/):

....We'll be back soon. We are in the warehouse to fetch some more products...
 (really? :-( )

eMag  (http://www.emag.ro/?bf_page=IT) -08:50 - 23.11.2012:
...yeah, is UP ! the only still 100% on stock ...are the wallpapers!

Domo (http://www.domo.ro/Televizoare_&_Home_cinema/Televizoare/LED_TV) - still UP and running...

Flanco (http://www.flanco.ro/) - the same as first in the morning... I don't even bother to place a screen shot !

Black(out) Friday

Is 00:47 23rd November 2012 ! The Black(out) Friday (BF)! - with permanent updates...:-( !
F64 (www.F64.ro) shows:

Up and down and up and down and......
The fuse burned out!
LOOKING FOR THIN WIRE (to mend it)...
And when is up, the count down for end of BF is working fine.. 

Altex (www.altex.ro) and no active link:

Media Galaxy (www.mediagalaxy.ro) and no active link:

eMag (www.emag.ro):

black friday
we prepared loooooots of surprises (bad ones !) 
see you in the morning !
hahaha !

DOMO (www.domo.ro) - up and running:

Flanco (www.flanco.ro) only with a downloadable list in pdf format:

After more than 1 hour after BF (ha! really black) started, a total FIASCO !

...and I was looking for a cheaper LED TV not too big (< 80 cm diagonal) and some really good  price for a set of radio commanders for my 2 Nikon flashes !

bul..*&$%!!!!*..it   !

I really need to go to sleep !